Sunday, July 11, 2010

So here we go...

So here I was thinking to myself, as I was filling up my gallon water jugs at Whole Foods today... "So Christian, now that you are FINALLY entering the BLOG age, what do you want to blog about?"

Well, EVERYTHING of course!

I have decided... this blog is gonna be all about KEEPIN' IT REAL...while I dish, portion and seek to sort out my crazy life!

Near-death experience stuff, real estate stories, messy/funny people, experiencing 15+ years of Life with my Jamie, one-on-one stuff, my book(s), new music, the radio show, my newest fav place to hide my Soul and seek God only knows what...

Anyone who really knows me, totally knows... I am a kitchen sink guy! In other words: I tend to get bored easily so to keep things interesting, I throw in the kitchen sink just for the heck of it. (OK, There... I said it!)

I have this little habit of of going in multiple directions at once. I dunno, call it A.D.H. D. I think it is just an artist thing! Suddenly all kinds of topics and ideas enter my head and it can resemble something like speeding traffic going all over the freeway! Even driving along that little part of the road you aren't supposed to drive on...
Yet, somehow... it totally all works out. At least I like to think so. Now I have a venue to drive my little 'ole CRAZY car anywhere I want... WATCH OUT!! ; )

As some of you who follow me, my music, the progress on my NDE book, etc...
you might have noticed that Jamie has been working on the new nip and tuck for my site for a good few weeks now. We have been trying to get me back up to speed so we can really start to promote my new digi CD "1000 Miles" --which I will talk more about in later posts. But for now go here:

All I have to say is... God bless Jamie!! He has been going back and forth and back and forth (working on the site) asking "Christian, do you like this? Do you want this?" to the point that I have almost gone nuts! (Which I find funny actually!) 'Cause *used to be* I was all about micromanaging EVERYTHING that had to do with my career. I loved doing it too! To me, it was part of the fun in inventing the image I wanted the public to see. Heh, heh... heh!! Now, (20 years later) I just want to point and say... "THAT! YEAH...I LIKE THAT!" and then be DONE with it! But working that way is not easy or realistic. I know. I need to be more patient. Jamie often bites his lip when he calls me over to the kitchen table to see if I like what he has done. Sometimes it is not fun to hear, "Ahhhh I'm just not sure huuneyyy..." when you have been working for hours. Anyway... THANK YOU JAMIE!! I LOVE YOU FOR NEVER GIVING UP ON ME!

OK... wish me luck on my BLOG peoples!


Never Forget to Bring THE LOVE Everywhere YOU Go!


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  1. Oh sugar I can totally relate to the total control of your career part (micro managing)
    I've finally let go of the reins too!! Isn't it freeing though!??
    Wonderful 1st blog babes!!
    Keep em coming